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FTM Top Surgery

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FTM Top SurgeryTop Surgery is one of the most commonly performed gender reassignment surgeries available for FTM transsexuals. Top Surgery allows a trans man to live more comfortably, improving psychological and social functioning, and it may be the only surgical step that he takes in his transition.

Top surgery procedures include bilateral mastectomy (breast removal) and male chest contouring. The different types of top surgery include Double Incision (DI), Inverted-T or T-Anchor, Keyhole and Peri Areolar. Learn more about Top Surgery procedures »

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FTM Top Surgery Insurance Coverage

More and more insurance companies in the United States are accepting the medically necessity of FTM chest surgery and covering this procedure for transgender men. Here's what you need to know to get your surgery covered.

How To Pay For Top Surgery

Find information about your surgery financing options, surgery grants and other ways to pay for FTM top surgery.

Medications to Avoid Before and After Top Surgery

Medications and herbs contained in this list may contribute to excessive bleeding during and after your surgery and should be avoided.

Complete Guide to Surgery Scar Care

Information about the best ways to treat top surgery scars and reduce their appearance.

 Find FTM Top Surgery Surgeons »

Dr. Kathy Rumer

Dr. Kathy Rumer

Over 150 FTM Top Surgeries performed a year, based in the Philadelphia area.

Dr. Elliot Jacobs - Top Surgery New York

Dr. Elliot Jacobs

Nationally-recognized expert in chest/breast surgery, New York City.

Dr. Paul Steinwald FTM Top Surgery Denver

Dr. Paul Steinwald

Since 2002, Dr. Steinwald has performed hundreds of FTM Top Surgeries.

Dr. Hope Sherie

Dr. Hope Sherie

Extensively trained, highly personalized care, world-class results.

Dr. Tony Mangubat

Dr. E. Antonio Mangubat

The most sought-after Top Surgery surgeon in the Pacific NW.

Dr. Scott Mosser

Dr. Scott Mosser

Award-winning surgeon in San Francisco, dedicated to trans health.

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