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FTM Top Surgery Costs

If FTM top surgery is not a covered procedure with your current health insurance, or if you are pursuing top surgery privately, knowing about the cost of top surgery and related fees will help you plan and schedule your surgery date.

Depending on the top surgery procedure and surgeon you choose, the cost for your top surgery will vary. Typically, but not always, the keyhole and peri-areolar top surgery procedures are less expensive than the double incision method, by as much as $2000 USD.

How Much Does Top Surgery Cost?

In general, fees for top surgery range from $3500 - $9000 USD. This may or may not include consultation fees. A downpayment is usually required to secure a surgery date. The amount of this downpayment varies by surgeon but usually ranges between $500 - $2000, and up to 50% of the total top surgery cost.

Hidden Fees: In addition to the surgeon's fee, you will also be paying the Anesthesiologist's fee, and potentially additional facility fees, pathology fees and other medical test fees. Be sure to get clear information about the total cost of top surgery from the surgeons you consult with.

You will also incur post-operative costs for items such as a medical compression vest, medications, paper tape, gauze, scar care and more.

The table below is a sampling of approximate fees for top surgery organized by surgeon. Be sure to inquire directly for exact pricing relative to your needs. Pricing is USD unless otherwise marked.

Surgeon Location Price (USD)
Thailand, various surgeons TH $2400-7000
Dr. John Zinsser VA, US $3000-4200 - Keyhole & Peri; $6700 - DI
Mexico, various surgeons MX $3000-3500
Dr. Aleh Stasevich BY $3500-5000
Dr. Cori Agarwal UT, US $4000-6000 - DI
Dr. Daniel Greenwald FL, US $4000-6000
Dr. Timothy Alexander FL, US $4200-5500 - Keyhole, peri - DI & Inverted-T
Dr. Jaime Caloca MX $4500
Dr. John Attwood ME, US $5000 - DI
Dr. Harold Reed FL, US $5000-8500
Dr. Andrew Wolf MI, US $5400
Dr. Clifford King WI, US $5400-8400 - Keyhole, peri - DI & Inverted-T
Dr. Enrique Silberblatt VA, US $5700
Dr. Eric Emerson NC, US $5800-7100 - Peri & DI
Dr. E. Philip Gutek KS, US $6000 - DI
Dr. Peter Raphael TX, US $6000-7000 - DI
Dr. Sherman Leis PA, US $6000-8100
Dr. Cameron Bowman BC, CA $6000-8000 - Peri - DI
Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg GA, US $6100-7300 - DI
Dr. Charles Garramone FL, US $6500-6900
Dr. Daniel Medalie OH, US $6500
Dr. Glenn Davis NC, US $6500
Dr. Vishal Kapoor CA, US $6500 - Keyhole w/ nipple reduction
Dr. Christine Mcginn PA, US $6800 - DI
Dr. Hugh McLean ON, CA $7000 CAD - DI
Dr. Kathy Rumer PA, US $7200
Dr. E. Antonio Mangubat WA, US $7500
Dr. Richard Bartlett MA, US $7500-$9500
Dr. Gil Kryger CA, US $7700
Dr. Brian Eichenberg CA, US $8000
Dr. Scott Mosser CA, US $8000-9000 - Keyhole, peri, DI, Inverted-T
Australia, various surgeons AU $8000-12,000 - Keyhole, peri, DI
Dr. Winfield Hartley CO, US $8500 - DI
Dr. Curtis Crane CA, US $8900 - DI
Dr. Paul Costas MA, US $9000
Dr. Richard Tholen MN, US $9000 - DI
Dr. Gary Alter CA, US $10,500
Dr. Karen Vaniver WA, US $10,500 - DI
Dr. Paul Weiss NY, NY $11,000 - DI

Cheapest FTM Top Surgery?

Yes, it's true that top surgery doesn't have to cost 7 or 8 grand! There are numerous experienced surgeons who charge much less for top surgery than the more well-known surgeons. You can also save a ton of money by having surgery closer to where you live, reducing your travel and accommodations costs. If you're looking for a surgeon who offers more affordable top surgery, post your location and other requirements in the FTM Surgery Support Forum.

Insurance and Surgery Loans

Some surgeons in the U.S. accept insurance, and some insurance policies cover transgender surgeries. Coverage is sometimes possible even when a policy explicity denies coverage for transgender surgeries. Surgery loans are also available.

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