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FTM Top Surgery Surgeons

Dr. Kathy RumerDr. Kathy Rumer

Dr. Rumer is a board-certified surgeon in the Philadelphia tri-state area who is an expert in FTM Top Surgery. Performing at least 150 Top Surgeries a year, Dr. Rumer provides patients with a natural looking, masculine chest. Dr. Rumer's patients' results, along with her extensive formal education and experience, have made her a highly sought after Top Surgery surgeon. Read more »

Dr. Tony MangubatDr. E. Antonio Mangubat

Dr. Mangubat's extensive experience and dedication to transgender health have made him the most sought-after surgeon in the Pacific Northwest for FTM Top Surgery. Dr. Mangubat has been performing transgender surgery for more than twenty years. Read more »

Dr. Scott MosserDr. Scott Mosser

Dr. Mosser is a board certified, award-winning plastic surgeon who offers FTM Top Surgery in San Francisco, California. Dr. Mosser has deep expertise in performing several types of Top Surgery, such as Double incision with nipple grafts, Peri-areolar, Keyhole and Trans-areola with nipple reduction. Read more »

Dr. Clifford KingDr. Clifford King

Dr. King is an award-winning plastic surgeon who performs FTM top surgery in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. King is committed to the highest standards of patient care and satisfaction, and has been voted multiple times as one of the best surgeons in Madison. He has a friendly, low-key approach, and enjoys helping trans men achieve their top surgery goals. Read more »

Dr. Eric EmersonDr. Eric Emerson

Dr. Emerson is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 16 years experience specializing in breast surgery. Named "Best Plastic Surgeon" (Gaston Gazette 2008 Reader's Choice Awards), Dr. Emerson is a great choice for trans men seeking Top Surgery in the Carolinas region and eastern United States. Read more »

Dr. Loren SchechterDr. Loren Schechter

Dr. Schechter's outstanding surgical skills and more than 14 years of experience performing SRS have made him a popular surgeon for trans men seeking Top Surgery in Chicago. Read more »

Dr. Timothy AlexanderDr. Timothy Alexander

Dr. Alexander is a plastic surgeon who performs FTM top surgery in Florida. He's one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in all of Florida, with more than 30 years of experience. Despite his extensive experience, Dr. Alexander maintains some of the lowest fees for top surgery in the USA. Read more »

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