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FTM Top Surgery in Florida

Florida became a hot bed for Top Surgery long before Charlotte, Philadelphia and New York City. Surgeons like Dr. Daniel Greenwald and Dr. Harold Reed were performing gender reassignment surgeries in Florida when few other surgeons in the country even knew what Top Surgery was. Today, there are many Florida surgeons in private practice performing Top Surgery, and both the University of Miami and the University of Florida have transgender surgery programs. With so many options, it's no surprise that trans men from all over the United States—and even from abroad—still make the trek to Florida's sunny shores for their Top Surgery experience.

Florida Medicaid covers Top Surgery but finding a surgeon who takes Medicaid can be a challenge. Try Dr. Bruce Mast at the University of Florida who has had success billing Medicaid for Top Surgery. How to proceed with Medicaid »

Medicare: If you need a surgeon in Florida who takes Medicare, contact the University of Miami and University of Florida transgender surgery programs.

Surgeons in Florida

Dr. Timothy Alexander, MD
Trans Surgery Florida
3862 Sheridan St.
Hollywood, Florida 33021
18+ only.
More about Dr. Alexander »

Dr. Drew Schnitt, MD
1150 N 35th Ave., Suite 670
Hollywood, Florida 33021
Board-certified; accepts medical financing from American Medical Healthcare; will operate on minors; free consult.
More about Dr. Schnitt »

Dr. Russell Sassani, MD
Take Shape Plastic Surgery, PA
4161 N.W. 5th St., Suite 300
Plantation, Florida 33317
Board-certified; accepts insurance and CareCredit medical financing; free consult.
More about Dr. Sassani »

  • Dr. Patrick L. Basile, MD
    572 Jacksonville Dr.
    Jacksonville, FL 32250
  • Dr. Daniel M. Calloway, MD
    6000 B-1 Sawgrass Village Circle
    Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082
  • Dr. Timothy Fee, MD
    Coastal Cosmetic Center
    4063 Salisbury Rd. N., Suite #205
    Jacksonville, Florida 32216
  • Dr. Thomas Fiala, MD
    Fiala Aesthetics
    220 East Central Pkwy., Suite 2020
    Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701
  • Dr. Charles Garramone, DO
    Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Institute
    4725 SW 148TH Ave, Suite 202
    Davie, Florida 33330
  • Dr. Daniel Greenwald, MD
    Bayshore Plastic Surgery
    1208 East Kennedy Blvd, #221
    Tampa, Florida 33602
  • Dr. Bruce Mast, MD
    UF Health Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Center
    4037 NW 86 Terrace, 3rd Floor
    Gainesville, Florida 32606
    Accepts insurance and Medicare.
  • Dr. John Obi, MD
    3599 University Blvd. South, Suite 1600
    Jacksonville, Florida 32216
  • Dr. Harold Reed, MD
    1111 Kane Concourse, #311
    Bay Harbor, Florida 33154
  • Dr. Richard Sadove, MD
    Sadove Cosmetic Surgery
    101 NW 75th Street, Suite 3
    Gainesville, Florida 32607
  • Dr. Christopher Salgado, MD
    University of Miami Center for Aesthetic and Corrective Genital Surgery
    1120 NW 14th St., 4th Floor
    Miami, Florida 33136
    Accepts Medicare.
  • Dr. Harun Zekirovski
    HZ Plastic Surgery
    7575 Dr Phillips Blvd #10
    Orlando, Florida 32819

Last updated: 09/20/17

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