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Minimal Scar Top Surgery

Minimal Scar Top Surgery by Dr. Elliot Jacobs
Minimal Scar Top Surgery

Minimal Scar Top Surgery is an ideal Top Surgery procedure for trans men with smaller chests and excellent skin elasticity.

Based on Gynecomastia Surgery and adapted by Dr. Elliot Jacobs for trans men, Minimal Scar Top Surgery involves only small incisions on the side of the chest and part way around the areola. This minimally-invasive procedure leaves nearly invisible scars after healing, and nipple sensation is retained, making it an excellent choice for the right patient.

Revisions can further improve results, including areola and/or nipple reduction.

For those who are just outside the criteria for being suited to the Minimal Scar procedure, Dr. Jacobs can do a staged procedure that will yield low scarring and similar results.

The cost of Minimal Scar Top Surgery: $7500 (accurate as of August 2015.)

For more information about Minimal Scar Top Surgery, please contact Dr. Jacobs.

Dr. Elliot JacobsDr. Elliot Jacobs, MD, FACS is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan who is a nationally-recognized expert in Gynecomastia and Breast surgery. Dr. Jacobs established his private practice in 1977, offering the full range of plastic and reconstructive surgeries, with a special focus on Gynecomastia Surgery. His male breast reduction and contouring techniques have been featured extensively in the media, including programs such as ABC's "20/20" and Good Morning America, CBS's The Early Show, The Doctors, MTV's "True Life", and Discovery Health. Website:

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