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Dr. Curtis Crane

Dr. Curtis Crane - FTM TOp Surgery in AustinFTM Top Surgery in Austin Texas

Dr. Curtis Crane is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs FTM Top Surgery in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Crane has completed more than 10 years of post medical school surgical training in plastic surgery, urology, and reconstructive urology. He has been performing FTM surgery procedures since 2005. In January 2013, Dr. Crane took over the San Francisco practice of world renowned surgeon, Dr. Michael Brownstein, and has received training from Dr. Brownstein in his technique for both double incision and keyhole top surgery procedures.

The total cost of top surgery with Dr. Crane includes anesthesia, facility fees, pathology and surgeon’s fee (incl. post-op care, minor revisions.) Top surgery cost varies by top surgery procedure and body type and will be determined following a consultation with Dr. Crane.

Dr. Crane will perform FTM Top Surgery on minors (under 18 years old) with parental consent and two letters from mental health care professionals.

Dr. Crane accepts major credit cards (3% fee applies) as well as insurance.

You can request more information from Dr. Crane here.

Note: Dr. Crane was previously practicing in San Francisco. If you are looking for FTM Top Surgery in San Francisco or elsewhere in California, see California Surgeons.

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