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FTM Top Surgery Resources

How to Research a Surgeon's Background and Credentials

How to Research a Surgeon's Background and CredentialsChoosing a surgeon can be an exhausting exercise. There's just so much to consider! In this how-to guide, you'll find out how to empower your surgeon search with license and certification lookup tools and what board certification and other credentials really mean.

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Tips For Tokers: Do Marijuana and Top Surgery Mix?

Marijuana and Top SurgeryThere are a lot of trans guys who enjoy marijuana, and this raises the need for a level-headed discussion about marijuana use prior to and after Top Surgery. If you like weed but are concerned about how it could affect your Top Surgery, check out these tips.

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Is This The End of Free Nipple Grafts?

Is This The End of Free Nipple Grafts?Dr. Hope Sherie has developed a new technique for FTM chest reconstruction that prioritizes nipple-areola size, positioning, sensation and pigmentation, while avoiding extra incisions and free nipple grafts.

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Post-Surgical Drains: Are They Really Necessary?

Post-Surgical Drains: Are They Really Necessary?For many trans men, post-surgical drains can be one of the most frustrating and irritating parts of recovering from Top Surgery. Find out if they're really necessary in this new article featuring expert commentary by Dr. Scott Mosser, a board-certified Surgeon who specializes in FTM Top Surgery.

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FTM Top Surgery and Sensation: What You Need To Know

FTM Top Surgery and Sensation: What You Need To KnowConcerned about loss of sensation? Or just wondering about how your new chest will feel? Learn more about sensation, breast anatomy and what kind of sensation to expect after Top Surgery in this first-of-its-kind primer.

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Divine Proportions In Male Nipple PositioningDivine Proportions In Male Nipple Positioning
Learn about a new scientific method for male nipple re-positioning that makes use of "Divine Proportion."

The Complete Guide to Surgery Scar Care
Information about the best ways to treat surgery scars and reduce their appearance.

NEW! How-To Guide: Insurance Coverage for FTM Top Surgery In the United States
This new guide walks you through the process of getting insurance coverage for FTM Top Surgery, including how to file an appeal and reverse a denial of coverage.

Medications to Avoid Before and After Top SurgeryMedications to Avoid
Check out this list of medications to discontinue prior to surgery, specifically medications that interfere with normal blood clotting.

Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance
This essential health guide includes several pages dedicated to Top Surgery procedures.

NEW! New Book Is a Must-Read For Those Considering FTM Top Surgery
Have you ever wished you could find a book that would guide you through the process of getting Top Surgery? Now that book exists.

Last updated: 07/31/17

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